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Want a More Successful Year Coming Up? Choose a Theme!

The New Year is almost here, and you want to have a good — no, great! — year ahead. But how do you make sure that happens?

Theme your year! This is something I’ve been doing for a long time now, and I can tell you that it has really helped me.

When I say theme your year, I mean choosing to attach anoverarching purposeor meaning to the coming year. One of the great things about doing this is that it will help youmake better choicesas you constantly strive to live in alignment with your theme. Ultimately, you will end your year feeling like it was more of a success!

The key to choosing your theme is to ensure it addresses all spheres of your life:work,personal relationships, finance,self-care, and more. When you have your theme in mind, you will make choices that are right for you.

Need help with theming your year? In this video I share my past themes and some theme ideas for 2020.

Watch now!

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